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Can I run your software directly from the CD/floppy disk? I am an instructor. On a mac, the upgrade or download isn't installing. Submit is part of the Language, Proof and Logic and Tarski's World (Revised and Expanded Edition) packages.
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It includes an option to automatically generate the columns of the truth-table, although this option is disabled in the earliest exercises.

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Boole can be used to check the truth-table, either as it is being built or when it is complete, and to assess sentences of first order logic. Fitch is a tool for building formal proofs in the format presented in LPL. The instant feedback that Fitch provides, in verifying each proof and marking steps that do not check out properly, makes it possible for students to correct and learn from their mistakes without the intervention of an instructor.

Tarski's World is an environment in which students can evaluate sentences of first order logic. The students can create worlds, each of which consists of a chess-like board with blocks of various shapes and sizes positioned on it. Sentences are evaluated in the worlds, which can demonstrate counter-examples to the arguments presented in exercises.

The program provides them with a Henkin-Hintikka game that leads them to understand where they went wrong. Using this program students quickly master the meaning of the connectives and quantifiers, and soon become fluent in the symbolic language at the core of modern logic. Submit is a very different application.

Language, Proof and Logic

It is used to send exercise files created in the other three applications to the Grade Grinder. The student must enter a registration id, which is provided as part of the purchase, in order to use Submit. He or she must also enter their name and email address. The instructor's name and email address are optional. After the Grade Grinder verifies the student's Book Number, name, and email address, it receives the files. The files are graded and a grade report is sent out, by email, from the Grade Grinder to the student.

If the student has chosen to submit to an instructor as well, the instructor's name and email address are verified and an email is sent to him or her. For more about Grade Grinder , click here. If the disk is visible on other machines, then you should probably update your drivers anyway. On a mac, the upgrade or download isn't installing.

My computer doesn't have a CD drive. Use the CD in a machine that does have a drive and run the submit program directly from the CD to make a submission you can use the test submission file in the beginning of the textbook. Use a classmate's copy of Submit to make a submission using the registration id from your disk. No classmates? Send us a message and we will try to help. Include your registration id, email you will be using to submit, and full name. I tried to print from Boole, but the printing option seems to be disabled.

What am I doing wrong? What is the Registration ID? Where can I find my Registration ID? I bought a used copy of the package. Why doesn't my Registration ID work? I bought a new copy of the package. If you are sure that this is not the problem then you may have bought a defective copy of the package. We apologize; this happens occasionally. Please return it to the book seller. Submit is not able to connect to the Grade Grinder.

Is your server down? Each of these may have an impact on your success in connecting. Submit says that it cannot deliver mail to my email address. When we receive a mail bounce, we mark your account to indicate this, and you will be unable to Submit again until the problem is fixed.

In any case, you must tell us that the problem is fixed, by visiting our web site and updating your address even if it remains the same. It takes about fifteen minutes for the system to be fully updated after doing this. What you must do to fix the problem varies depending on the nature of the problem. Obviously, if the email address is spelled incorrectly, you should correct it. If your account is over quota, deleting mail will be the solution.

Educational Logic Software

You probably can't do anything about the network or mail host being down. If you are the victim of an over-eager spam filter, there are a couple of things that you can try. The first is to change your preferred server using Submit's preferences. If only one server is being blocked by the filter, then use the other. Having changed your Submit settings, you will then need to visit the web site and reset your address to clear the flag.

Don't forget to wait for about fifteen minutes for the system to reset. Submit accepts my submission, but I don't get a grade report. Will my professor know if I make mistakes when I submit grade reports to myself?

I'm a new instructor, and I want to use he Grade Grinder for my next class. Do I need to contact someone or prepare ahead of time? I have several teaching assistants. How can I register all our email addresses so that students can submit their work to all of us? How can I tell if a student sends me a forged grade report? I received a grade report indicating a timestamp collision.

How can I find out the identity of the other student?

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  • I accidently deleted my grade reports. Is there any way to recover them? Programs aren't opening or aren't opening properly. When I use "Save as" the program crashes.

    Openproof Courseware: News

    Fortunately, there is a workaround. Instead of using this small window, click on the button to the right of the file name. This will open a larger file dialog which will allow you to navigate the file system without using the pulldown menu. Depending on the mode of this dialog, you will see different things: All of the modes will enable you to navigate inside folders, but if you need to navigate up to a parent folder, you will need to be in column mode, which you select using the button that looks like three columns.

    Our applications remember where you last saved a file, and MacOS remembers the settings for the dialog, so only the first save is so problematic. When I submit, gradegrinder sends back a message saying "This file was ungradable either because it is not a X file, or is damaged"? What is the "Windows Key"?

    How do I open "Windows Help"? Windows Help has a search option where you can type in a keyword or phrase to get a list of related topics. How do I create a "Windows shortcut"? Sometimes, there is a Run item in the Start menu. Use that to create a file, then email it as an attachment or its contents to us. Thank you. How do I "print screen"?

    One or more of the programs does not work under Windows, How do I get it to work? Is your software compatible with Windows Vista? You can check what graphics your system uses by running dxdiag , selecting the Display tab, then looking in the Device area. If this does not work for you, please send us the dxdiag information! On Windows, Submit freezes navigating to my files.

    First, be sure that you are running the most recent version of Submit. If you recently bought an online package you are up to date, if you bought a physical book then you are likely to need to update. If you bought a physical book have not made a submission, then you will need to register here before you can log in. If you are using the most recent version of the software and are still having a problem, then there are two workarounds until we are able to fix this problem:.

    Submit freezes when it encounters a certain kind of shortcut alias file. It happens that some versions or configurations of Windows place such a file on the desktop, which is the first place that Submit looks. One more permanent way to fix the problem then, is to determine which file it is, and ensure that it is not on the path to the LPL folder or ultimately, to wherever you keep your work.

    Submit should then be able to navigate to the desktop. Then you can restore the files one at a time to determine which file s need to stay in temporary to avoid the bug. All of the files can be restored to the desktop once the need to navigate through that folder has been removed.

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    While recent versions of the software have improved behavior with this problem, we do not yet have a fix for all instances of this problem. We are sorry for this inconvenience. Why does the Tarski splash screen hang when starting? You need to either change your X configuration to load the glx extension or install a video driver which supports glx.

    Unfortunately both of these changes can be complicated and are beyond the help that we can give in this FAQ. A good place to start to look for help would be a web search including your flavor of linux, your video hardware and the term glx.

    Dave Barker-Plummer, Jon Barwise and John Etchemendy

    How can I install the software using the rpm or deb Linux package management system? All pages and images on this web site are copyright material. David Hilbert This web site will be decommissioned in June Visit our new site here. Language, Proof and Logic. Hyperpoof LRDS. Tarski's World. Grade Grinder. Our software is only available to purchasers of our courseware packages.

    Boole is part of the Language, Proof and Logic package. Fitch is part of the Language, Proof and Logic package. All of our packages may be bought directly from our publisher , or from good bookstores click or brick. You only need to register your software if you plan to use the Grade Grinder service. You register by making a submission to the Grade Grinder.

    The instructions for doing this are on pages of Language, Proof and Logic , or pages of Tarski's World. To find the version of a program: You can use our bug report page to report any bugs that you think that you have found.