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KernSafe Technologies, Inc., the global leader in storage virtualization and storage security, has announced the release of free iSCSI software for Apple Mac OS X, include: SuperSAN X, Full-featured and powerful iSCSI target software for Mac OS X. Using the KernSafe iSCSI Initiator.
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  • How to use iSCSI on Mac OS X -
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Access iSCSI target with Mac OS X

Characters Left: Step 1: Step 2: Format the iSCSI target device This step should be taken if you wish to create a file system on the device. Click Apply to get the confirmation popup. Get information, documentation, videos and more for your specific product. Ask the Community.

Map a Network Drive in OS X (Mac) Permanently

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Using ATTO iSCSI with Drobo

Thanks for this. This allows you to leverage Ethernet, a low cost network medium to get SAN performance and network based storage. The answer, yes. Software based initiators will use the CPU of your system and a built-in or third party standard Ethernet port, but you can also buy a dedicated card which will offload the processing power to the card, which in some cases will be required for various performance reasons. So for starters, fire up your iSCSI storage and share it out.

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  7. Next, extract the installer as seen in the globalSAN installer screenshot. If you later need to uninstall the software you would re-run this installer and click on the Uninstall button. It is best to leave them all checked and then click on the Continue button. Here, click on Restart and then log back into the system when it comes back online. Each share will have a unique IP and be referenced as a portal.

    How to use iSCSI on Mac OS X

    Here you should see your portal listed. Populated globalSAN Portals Tab Now that you have your portal populated, click on the Targets tab and you should see the storage listed.

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    Click on it and then click on the Log On button to initiate your session into the storage. At this point, it will mount on the Desktop provided you have already given it a file system and you will be able to use it as you would any other storage. You can check the box for Peristent if you would like to have the volume always mounted on the system.